Cryptozoic has expanded its relationship with Publisher Services Inc., which has previously handled specific sales into non-hobby accounts on Cryptozoic products, to include new domestic and international accounts, a Cryptozoic spokesperson told ICv2.  PSI’s “ability to service accounts who require EDI and ASN” gives “Cryptozoic additional sales opportunities into mid-tier, mass, big box and other specialty retailers,” the spokesperson said.  (ASN, Advance Shipping Notices, are a form of EDI, Electronic Data Interchange, a way of communicating logistics information between buyer and seller.) 

Cryptozoic has been refining its distribution channels in recent weeks, ending its exclusive hobby distribution relationship with Diamond/Alliance for games (see “Cryptozoic Ends Exclusive Distribution on Games”), and halting direct-to-consumer sales of trading cards on its website (see “Cryptozoic Ends Online DTC Trading Card Sales”).