Disney XD has ordered new seasons of two animated Marvel mainstays, Avengers Assemble and Ultimate Spider-Man, with new titles, the company announced Monday.

The Ultimate Spider-Man series will be renamed Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man vs. The Sinister 6 for Season 4, starring what the announcement described only as "the all-new Sinister 6."  This may be a reflection of the incorporation of Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (see "Spider-Man to Join Marvel Cinematic Universe"), a little shout-out to Sony’s Sinister 6 film, scheduled for release late next year (see "Best in Shows--Q4 2016").  The Sinister 6 battle Spider-Man along with Doctor Octopus and Hydra, as Spider-Man teams with Miles Morales, Agent Venom, Iron Spider, and Scarlet Spider. 

Ratings have been up for Season 3 of Ultimate Spider-Man, Marvel Publisher Dan Buckley told ICv2 (see "Interview with Marvel Publisher Dan Buckley, Part 2"), perhaps reflecting the introduction of Miles Morales.

Avengers Assemble will be retitled to Marvel’s Avengers:  Ultron Revolution for Season 3, with Ultron and Baron Zemo, the Masters of evil, the Inhumans, and Kang the Conqueror among the baddies the Avengers must face.  The Avengers are joined by Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Ant-Man and Ms. Marvel, which gives them a "chance of surviving an all-out Marvel super hero Civil War."

Production on both new seasons is underway, with plans to air the new shows in 2016.

Marvel has been doing all-ages comics tied to its animated series (see "New All-Ages 'Spidey' and 'Avengers' Series").