Comic-Con News: At the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends panel, Marvel Comics Editor Sana Amanat confirmed that Marvel will publish a new, entry level, all-ages Spider-Man comic that will feature stories of Peter Parker in high school and will have a place in the regular Marvel continuity.  Robbie Thompson (Venom) then confirmed that he was writing the book and said the series tagline is “Before he was amazing, he was spectacular.”

The all-ages Spidey book was reportedly unveiled to retailers at a Diamond Comic Distributors retailer event earlier at Comic-Con, but the publisher didn’t actually announce the book until a question was asked about it near the very end of the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends panel (see the rough transcript of the panel on Digital Bits).

With each issue featuring a standalone story this series is clearly intended as an entry point for young readers, but Thompson notes “that there will be connections between them”—and they will presumably be part of the mainstream Marvel continuity.