British Publisher Modiphius Entertainment has announced a deal with Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. to produce a series of games based on the classic “John Carter of Mars” series of novels.  Modiphius will release a roleplaying game, a series of miniatures, and a board game based on the property.

Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter: The Roleplaying Game is scheduled to release around Christmas 2015. Players can create their own heroes, chosen from among the various races of Barsoom, or assume the role of one of the characters of the books, following in the footsteps of John Carter.  The game will use the 2d20 LITE system, which is the same system used in Modiphius’ Conan roleplaying game (see “New ‘Conan’ RPG”).

Starting in Spring 2016, Modiphius plans to release a series of collectible miniatures, suitable for use with the roleplaying game or for table-top miniatures games.

A board game, currently titled  John Carter:  Warlord of Mars-The Board Game is also planned, with a release date of Summer 2016.  The game will challenge the players to save the world of Barsoom from ultimate ruin by evil scientists.

The merchandising and film rights for Burrough’s works reverted to his estate late last year, following the disappointing reception of Disney’s John Carter movie (see “John Carter Movie Rights Revert to ERB, Inc.”).

Dynamite Comics has the comics license for the property (see “Preview: 'John Carter: Warlord of Mars' #1” and “Dynamite Expanding Its 'Art Edition' Program”).