The first trade paperback collection of Marvel’s new Star Wars series will have a first printing between 200,000 and 250,000 copies, Marvel SVP Print, Sales and Marketing David Gabriel told  The first issue of the new comic series sold over one million copies (see "Marvel Confirms 'Star Wars' #1 Orders"), and total sales of Marvel's Star Wars comics since the beginning of the year have now topped five million copies, according to the report.

This is only the first of Marvel’s collections of its new Star Wars titles.  Combined with its remastered collections of older Marvel material (see "Covers Released for Remastered 'Star Wars' Collections") and repackaged Dark Horse Comics material (see "Marvel to Release Dark Horse 'Star Wars' Collections"), Marvel will have a major line of Star Wars graphic novels  out in time for the release of Star Wars VII:  The Force Awakens in December (see "'Star Wars' 2015 Comic-Con Reel").

Although the first printing number for Star Wars is a remarkable achievement, the scale for graphic novel bestseller has been moved up recently.  Raina Telgemeier’s new graphic novel Sisters had 1.4 million copies in print within the first few months of release last August (see "Raina Telgemeier Has Over 3.5 Million Graphic Novels in Print").