In a major management shuffle, Marvel Entertainment CEO Isaac “Ike” Perlmutter will give up control of Marvel Studios, which will report to Walt Disney Studios instead, according to Hollywood Reporter.  Marvel Studios president Keven Feige had reportedly clashed with Perlmutter and wanted the change, and Perlmutter approved the move, according to the report. 

Perlmutter will maintain control of the TV group, publishing, animation, and other New York-based operations.  Those enterprises total far less than the $9 billion in box office receipts and related revenues Marvel Studios has generated since 2009, making Perlmutter’s portfolio a fraction of what it was at the company.  

The famously penurious Perlmutter has clashed with other executives at Disney in the past (see “Unflattering Portrait of Marvel’s Ike Perlmutter”), but there had been few public reports of discord recently.  Now Disney is taking a big step to pacify one of its biggest rainmakers (Feige) at Perlmutter’s expense, a move that reflects the importance the company places on its Marvel movie business and the person who’s managed its growth.