WizKids is testing a new line of larger HeroClix figures, Extreme HeroClix, with a set of DC figures packaged with Warner Bros. Home Video DVDs sold exclusively at select Toys R Us locations and from the Warner Bros. eBay store.

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The 6.25” figures are mounted on a 3” HeroClix dial with a purple ring on their base, which indicate they are promotional figures and cannot be used in official WizKids tournament play.  The figures come with standard figure rules and dials.

The five figures include:

  • Superman (Christopher Reeve)
  • Batman (Adam West)
  • The Joker (Heath Ledger)
  • ‪‎Batman Extreme HeroClix Figure
  • Superman Extreme HeroClix Figure

The figure/DVD sets on eBay carry an MSRP of $29.99, with an estimated delivery date beginning November 19.

The test, currently confined to DC Comics HeroClix (Superman and Batman), may lead to a larger program, according to a WizKids spokesperson.  

"We’re testing the models and if we find we get some traction we’ll roll out a line around the concept," the spokesperson said. "Also, in a discussion about the Extreme HeroClix figures an idea was floated: use the larger figures for in-store (FLGS/FLCS) demo kits.  We are currently exploring that option and should have more to discuss in the coming months."