F2Z Entertainment, publisher of Z-Man Games, Pretzel Games, and Plaid Hat Games, has announced it is expanding its distribution structure in the U.S. in March, ending its exclusive relationship with Diamond-Alliance.

On March 15, F2Z will be expanding its distribution customers to include ACD Distribution, GTS Distribution, Peachstate Hobby Distribution and Southern Hobby Supply, in addition to Alliance Game Distributors.

Z-Man Games had been exclusive with Alliance and Diamond since 2012 (see "Z-Man Games Goes Exclusive With Alliance"), though recently acquired publisher Plaid Hat Games was not subject to the exclusive deal (see "Plaid Hat Games Answers 'Exclusive' Question").

F2Z Entertainment (then Filosofia) purchased Z-Man Games in 2011 (see "Canadian Company Buys Z-Man Games"), and went exclusive with Diamond-Alliance the following year.

But rather than pointing to its experience with Z-Man, F2Z pointed to its recent acquisitions in explaining its decision.  "Pretzel Games and Plaid Hat Games have already met with great success being sold in multi-distribution, and we are excited to have Z-Man Games as widely available to our US customers as our other brands," the announcement said.

Z-Man Games was started in 1999 by Zev Shlasinger, who recently announced he would be stepping down from his position with the company (see "Zev Shlasinger Exiting Z-Man").