John Wick Presents has made more than $250,000 on the first day of a Kickstarter to relaunch the 7th Sea roleplaying game, more than any other Kickstarter RPG campaign on its first day.

The RPG is set in a world of swashbuckling and intrigue, exploration and adventure, on the continent of Theah.  Players take the roles of heroes and may fight global conspiracies and sinister plots; or explore ancient ruins of a race long vanished from the continent; or protect the king and queen of Theah from fierce rivals.  The 300-page, full-color 7th Sea: Second Edition book will include everything players need to play the game, maps of Theah, and more.  MSRP was not announced.

The Kickstarter, which reached its modest goal of $30,000 in seven minutes, has raised $365,457 from 3,171 backers ($115.25/backer average) as of this writing, one day into the 33 day campaign.  The campaign has a retailer level for four copies of the 7th Sea: Second Edition rulebook, with the option to add more copies after the campaign closes.

The campaign has already funded a full line of additional products including The New World sourcebook, The Pirate Nations sourcebook, The Nations of Theah sourcebook,  a GM Screen, a Storium Deck, a map, and two novels.

John Wick Presents purchased rights for the game from Alderac Entertainment Group last November (see "John Wick Buys '7th Sea' From Alderac").