Bushiroad will launch Luck & Logic, a trading card game based on the anime series which premiered on January 9 (see “'Luck & Logic' TCG and Anime”).  The new game will release on June 24 with two trial decks and a booster pack expansion set.

The opening wave of Luck & Logic will include two types of Trial Decks: Brave Logic and Rinne Logic; as well as the Growth & Genesis booster pack expansion. All three  feature characters and scenes from the Luck & Logic anime series.  In the series, beautiful girls known as “Logicalists” use an ability known as “Trance” to join forces with extra-dimensional goddesses called “Foreigners” and protect their world from invaders.

In the game, players use their decks to combine the powers of their Logicalists and Foreigners into “Tranceunions,” which can attack their opponent’s Gate Cards.  Victory goes to the player who can destroy all of their opponent’s Gates.

The two Trial Decks are both pre-constructed decks that include all of the cards players need to start in the game, including 50 game cards and 10 gate cards, a playmat with instructions for deck construction on the back, and a quick play manual.  The Brave Logic deck is built around a resource enhancement theme, while Rinne Logic is based on ally supporters.  Hot stamped signature cards signed by voice actors Sora Tokui and Risa Taneda will be randomly inserted in some trial decks.  MSRP is $20.00 per deck.

The Growth & Genesis set will be sold as seven card booster packs, and can be combined with either of the Trial Decks.  Each pack will include one “paradox card,” of which each player must have eight in their deck in order to play.  MSRP is $4.50 per pack. 

The entire Growth & Genesis card set will include 120 cards, plus 3 SP and 12 SR cards, with this mix of rarities:  12 RR, 20 R, 36 U, 40 C, 4 rare paradox, and 8 common paradox.  Signature cards will also be inserted in some random packs.