Marvel has announced two key roles for its upcoming Netflix show Marvel’s Iron Fist, and we round them up here.

Lord of the Rings alum David Wenham has been added to the cast as ruthless corporate leader Harold Meachum. The character was partners with Danny Rand’s parents at the time of their deaths. Wenham has appeared in 300, Top of the Lake, and Public Enemies.

“I’m very excited to have David as our Harold Meachum. David is capable of displaying raw, visceral strength as well as extremely keen intelligence,” said Executive Producer and Showrunner, Scott Buck. “This will add up to a character of complex depth who will keep us off balance all season."

Game of Thrones’ Jessica Henwick will play the series female lead, Colleen Wing, EW reported. The character is a martial arts expert who runs her own dojo in New York City, and she serves as a valuable ally to Iron Fist when he first returns to town after leaving K’un L’un.

Henwick played one of the Sand Snakes on Game of Thrones and also had a small role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens as an X-Wing pilot.

Finn Jones has been cast in the lead role as Danny Rand/Iron Fist (see “End of February Geek TV Round-Up”).