Bushiroad will release a mermaid-themed clan booster expansion for Cardfight!! Vanguard G on July 29: Blessing of Divas. To support the release of the new booster set, a Blessing of Divas Supply Set and a Sneak Preview Kit will also be available.

Coral Diva
Blessing of Divas features the singing mermaids of the Bermuda Triangle Clan, and includes art of the divas in both their idol outfits and on SP cards in wedding dresses.  The cards will be sold in 7-card boosters, and the entire set includes 45 different card types with these rarities: 1 GR, 5 RRR, 7 RR, 14 R, and 18 C. There will also be 1 SGR parallel, 13 SP parallel, 13 wedding dress SP parallel, and 1 special Reissue card, packed randomly in some boosters.  ach booster will have one R rarity card plus an additional R or above rarity card.

The mermaid diva artwork will also be featured on the Blessing of Divas Supply Set. This accessory kit includes an exclusive deck box, rubber playmat, and card storage box, along with a display of Blessing of Diva boosters and 12 RRR holo cards.

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Coral Wedding
During the weekend of July 22-24, participating stores can host Blessing of Divas sneak preview events with the Sneak Preview Kit.  Each kit includes 32 booster packs (enough for eight players), 9 promo cards, and 2 premium rubber playmats.