WizKids will release its Deep Cuts: Pathfinder Miniatures in March*, featuring classic fantasy and Pathfinder-centered characters and monsters.

[*Ed.Note - WizKids adjusted the release date from January to March on December 22, 2016.]

Like the Dungeons & Dragons line announced last week (see “WizKids Releasing Unpainted ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Minis”), Deep Cuts will feature highly-detailed unpainted plastic miniatures.  This line will include Pathfinder-style characters, such as a human male fighter and elf female sorcerer, all in multiple poses, in addition to more traditional fantasy creatures like goblins, unicorns, and hell hounds.

MSRP for the new minis have not been announced.  Check out the gallery to see 3D renderings of a sampling of the new line (figure bases may vary from those shown).

(View 18 images in the gallery below.)