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WizKids will release Tournament at Camelot, a new trick-taking card game set in the times of King Arthur, in May.

Designed by Ken Shannon, Karen Boginski and Jody Babessi, players take the roles of legendary characters battling opponents on the tournament field. Players use weapon cards (Arrows, Swords, Deception, Sorcery, Alchemy) to injure their opponents.  Players also have comeback cards, Godsends, and Companions, which can help them recover. Players battle until one opponent has been injured to the point of death. Then the player with the most health is declared the winner of the Tournament.

The box contains 9 Protagonist cards, 9 Companion cards, 77 Weapon cards, 15 Alchemy cards, 2 Merlin cards, 2 Sorcerer Apprentice cards, 25 Godsend cards, 12 Health cards and 10 tokens. The game is for 3 – 6 players, ages 14 and up, and plays in 45 minutes. MSRP is $24.99.

Wizkids also recently announced it will be releasing a line of Upgrade Kits for Uwe Rosenberg’s Agricola in 2017 (see “WizKids Releasing New 'Agricola' Expansions”).