Steve Jackson Games is launching a new organized play program to support the upcoming release of Ogre Sixth Edition.

A launch event is scheduled for February 11. Players who participate in the launch event will have an opportunity to win Ogre-related prizes.

The first 200 stores that sign up for the program can receive a free Ogre Launch Kit, which includes a demo copy of Ogre Sixth Edition, a poster showing a blueprint of an Ogre tank, Ogre Dice Sets and counter sheets for the Ogre game to use as giveaway items.

The new year will be the 40th Anniversary for Ogre, and Steve Jackson is celebrating with a host of Ogre titles, including the new edition in January (see “Steve Jackson’s ‘Ogre’ Returns”), an expansion pack in March (see “SJG Calls in More Back-up for ‘Ogre’”), and a line of plastic models (see “‘Ogre’ Gets Plastic at Last”).