Bushiroad will add Climax Booster: Dragon Fighters to Future Card Buddyfight Triple D on February 24.

The Climax Booster: Dragon Fighters is packed with highly anticipated cards from the animated series for all worlds. Every pack will have one R or above rarity card. The set contains 107 types of cards RRR: 8 / RR: 12 / R: 23 / U: 30 / C: 30 / BR: 4  (Parallel) + SECRET: ??. Parallel foils of Common, Uncommon and Rare Cards are randomly inserted in packs.

There are 5 cards in every pack, and each display contains 30 packs. Each display will include 1 PR card (of 3 types). Each display will also contain a Secret Pack, which contains popular characters and monsters from previous sets – back with new cards.

This release will follow the Shine! Super Sun Dragon! Booster  arriving in December (see “'Super Sun Dragon' Mystery Revealed in New 'Future Card Buddyfight' Booster”).