The Pokemonification of American culture continues apace, with a director announced for the rapidly progressing Pokemon live-action film and the revelation that the American launch of the new Pokemon video game was record-breaking.

Rob Letterman will direct Legendary’s live-action Pokemon film Detective Pikachu (see “Legendary Captures Live-Action ‘Pokemon’ Movie”), according to Hollywood Reporter.  Letterman directed Monsters vs. Aliens and Goosebumps, among others, and is also slated to direct the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons feature (see “’Dungeons & Dragons’ Taps ‘Goosebumps’ Director”).  Writers for Detective Pikachu have also recently been signed (see “Geek Movie Round-Up – ‘Pokemon’”), and the film is expected to go into production early next year.

Meanwhile, Nintendo has revealed that Pokemon Sun and Moon, the latest video games for the property, are the fastest-selling games the company has ever launched in the Americas.  The two games have sold 3.7 million units in less than two weeks since launch, which is up 85% from the previous record holders:  Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

The Pokemon Go mobile game is getting revival efforts in the wake of a drop-off after its huge launch, and other cultural expressions of the property are still growing (see "Changes to 'Pokemon Go' To Revive Users").