This year, Konami Digital Entertainment will use a parallel method for selecting invitees for its Yu-Gi-Oh!  Trading Card Game World Championship, by awarding points to ranking players at all qualifying events.

In addition to awarding invitations to the top finishers at World Championship Qualifiers, invitations will be extended to players who can gather the most World Qualifying Points over the course of the entire year.  Points can be earned at Regional Qualifiers, Dragon Duels, OTS Championships, Nationals, and Yu-Gi-Oh!  Championship Series events, such as the one being held in Seattle this weekend (see “YCS Seattle”).

The number of World Qualifying Points awarded at each event will be determined by the number of WCQ invites awarded at the event.  Events in the current championship year that have already been held will award World Qualifying Points retroactively.

The two American players and the single Canadian player that have collected the most World Qualifying Points, who have not also earned in invitation by finishing in the Top 4 of the WCQ, will be awarded places at the 2017 World Championship.  Top point winners for South and Central America will also earn invitations.