At New York Toy Fair, Cryptozoic previewed upcoming licensed game releases tied to DC Entertainment properties.

The Teen Titans Go! Deck-Building Game will debut in Q4. “ [It] is designed for two players, a little bit lower of an entry point,” Adam Sblendorio, VP Creative at Cryptozoic Entertainment told ICv2. “It'll be a little bit more family friendly, quicker to pick up, but it is going to be designed on the [Cerberus] engine.” MSRP is $25.00.

” Pretty big news for us is Spyfall DC,” Sblendorio said. “DC Spyfall, the first licensed version of Spyfall, featuring all the original art and the Spyfall look and feel.”

“It's still in development, where the one thing we guarantee is that it'll feature locations from the DC universe, such as the Hall of Justice, the Fortress of Solitude, and places like that.”

“What we're still tweaking is how to fully leverage what a DC Spyfall can be, meaning that it's not a straight translation of location and spies. There could be special abilities involved, and making sure that we're going to make this game the DC version.”

We're going to make sure that the heroes and the villains are able to be integrated in a game that makes it not only Spyfall, but is special because it's DC, or unique because of the play pattern.” Release is planned for Q4 2017, MSRP is tentatively $25.00.

The DC Deck-Building Game will add two new crossover packs: The Rogues (see “DC Comics Deck-Building Game Expands with 'Rogues'”) and The Birds of Prey. 

Planned for June is the DC Comics Multiverse Box.  The storage box is big enough to hold the cards for every game release, plus room to grow. I t will also contain an exclusive card pack, equivalent to the Crossover Packs, centering on the Convergence storyline. “[W]e're going to get a lot of fun characters like Red Son Superman and Flashpoint Batman. A lot of ones that maybe didn't warrant its own entire big set, but it's a great opportunity to get a lot of those fan favorite storylines back into the mix.”

“It's also going to come with a randomizer card for every set that we've done, which will give you the ability to shuffle those up based on the sets you have, in order to craft your own mash up experience out of the sets that you do have.” MSRP is $25.00.

Cryptozoic is also planning to release Confrontations for the DC Deck-Building Game.  The game builds on the Rivals – Batman Vs. Joker set introduced in 2014 (see “'DC Comics Deck-Building Game: Rivals Batman vs. The Joker'”), but will include eight characters for four match-ups: Superman vs. Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman vs.  Circe, Aquaman vs.  Ocean Master, and Zatanna vs. Felix Faust. “It's also going to a team game, so it could be 1v1 or 2v2. It doesn't have to, necessarily, be good versus bad. You can have Superman versus Wonder Woman if you want to,” Sblendorio said.

“We're excited that it has a wider range of power bases. Superman has, obviously, got his abilities, but we wanted to make sure that, instead of just going down what might be the next most popular character, we wanted to have Zatanna and Felix Faust to add magic decks.” MSRP is $40.00.

See promotional images of all products in the gallery below!

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