Cubicle 7 Entertainment has announced a Q2 release for Adventures in Middle-earth: Wilderland Adventures, an interconnected set of seven stories for its Adventures in Middle-earth RPG  (see "'Adventures of Middle-earth Player's Guide'") as well as The Road Goes Ever On map and rules pack.

The seven adventures can be played individually, but are designed to be a part of a complete epic campaign lasting years in game time. Wilderland Adventures contains a wealth of background materials for Mirkwood, the Misty Mountains, the house of Beorn, the Grey Mountains, and much, much more, expanding on details of the setting during the Twilight of the Third Age. The book converts the beloved Tales from Wilderland for The One Ring RPG to rules compatible with Adventures in Middle-earth and the OGL rules.

Written by Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan (Hawkmoon: The RPG, Traveller Core Rulebook) with Francesco Nepitello (War of the Ring, The Battle of Five Armies), the 160-page hardcover is full color, with art by Ralph Horsley (Scoundrels of Skullport), Jon Hodgson (The One Ring RPG, Doctor Who Card Game), and Tomasz Jedrusek (Call of Cthulhu, Magic: The Gathering). MSRP is $39.99.

 The Road Goes Ever On adds more detail to the setting. It features four double-sided large format game maps and a full color 32-page rules supplement. MSRP is $29.99, and it releases in June.