IDW Games and Atari Interactive, Inc. announced a partnership to produce a line of tabletop games based on classic Atari video game titles.

The first three titles will be Centipede, Asteroids, and Missile Command, designed by Jon Gilmour, co-designer on Plaid Hat Games Dead of Winter game series. The games are designed to capture the classic feel of these arcade titles. Centipede will release in Fall 2017, with other titles releasing shortly thereafter.

IDW Games will be offering a first look at the games at the GAMA Trade Show next week.

Atari has had a major resurgence as a brand in the last few years, capitalizing on the nostalgia of its early video game library. Dynamite signed a comprehensive licensing agreement with Atari in 2015 (see “Warren Ellis Penning 'James Bond' Comic”), and has released a popular art book (see “Review: 'Art of Atari' HC”) as well as launching a new comic series based on Swordquest (see “Atari's 'Swordquest,' James Bond, 'Red Rising' Prequel”)  and a poster book (see “'Atari Poster Book,' 'Pathfinder: Runescars'”). 

Atari also announced a deal with Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films last year to produce and finance movies based on Centipede and Missile Command (see “Classic Atari Games Optioned for Films”). Warner Bros. Pictures is also producing an adaptation of Ernest Cline’s nostalgic video game sci-fi novel Ready Player One directed by Steven Spielberg, with plans to release the film in theaters on March 30, 2018 (see “Best in Shows--Q1 2018”).

See concept art for all three titles in the gallery below.