At the GAMA Trade Show, WizKids announced it will boldly go in a new direction with a Star Trek character series set for its popular HeroClix collectible miniatures game.

"We brought back Star Trek Tactics, after a break for a little while... and Star Trek Tactics is the same game platform as HeroClix, but because it would be a bit weird to have ships and characters at the same table, we’ve always handled it as its own separate game," WizKids’ Scott D'Agostino told ICv2.  "But we always wanted to bring the Star Trek Universe into our modern age format, and with that, it makes the most sense to have characters. So you can have Kirk and Superman."

Release is planned for fall.

The Star Trek: Tactics Series IV Starter Set was announced in January, with a planned release in September (see "WizKids Revives 'Star Trek: Tactics'").