Dynamite Entertainment is pitting two beloved heroes -- wizard Harry Dresden and chainsaw-handed chosen one Ash Williams -- against monsters in two all-new series.

Jim Butcher’s popular wizard-come-private-investigator Harry Dresden returns to comics in The Dresden Files: Dog Men, an original story written by Butcher and Mark Powers and drawn by Diego Galindo. Taking place immediately after Butcher’s bestselling novel White Night and the 2015 comic miniseries The Dresden Files: Down Town (see “Preview: 'Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files: Down Town' HC”), Dresden is sent by a member of the White Council of Wizards to investigate a series of murders in Mississippi. The first issue of the miniseries launches in June.

Ash Vs. The Army of Darkness is an all-new comic series inspired by the much-loved 1992 film by Sam Raimi and starring Bruce Campbell. Written by Chad Bowers and Chris Sims (X-Men '92, Swordquest) and drawn by Mauro Vargas (Crossed: Badlands), Ash takes on Deadites while trying to keep his job at S-Mart. The introductory issue #0 is bargain-priced at 99 cents and features several variants, including retailer incentives. It launches in June.