Rio Grande has revealed the first expansion for Donald X Vaccarino’s time travel game.  Temporum:  Alternate Realities will release later this month.

Vaccarino’s Temporum was released late in 2014 (see “‘Temporum’”).  In the game, players are time travellers manipulating the past to become more powerful in the present.  The Alternate Realities expansion adds a variety of ahistorical possibilities to the game, from Atlantis to zombies.

Temporum:  Alternate Realities adds 48 new Zones to the game, along with 60 new player cards.  The tokens and cards needed for the new Zones round out the expansion, which is suitable for games with 2 to 5 players.  MSRP is $29.95.

As an expansion, a copy of the base game is needed to play Alternate Realities.

Temporum isn’t the only Rio Grande game to receive an expansion this year.  It follows the two-map expansion kit for Concordia (see “‘Concordia:  Gallia et Corsica’”).