Barnes & Noble is hosting gaming events at over 200 stores on Saturday, April 29, in conjunction with International Tabletop Day, the company announced.  This is a new configuration for game events at Barnes & Noble, which began holding “Casual Game Gatherings” at 57 stores last year (see “Barnes & Noble Plans ‘Casual Game Gatherings’”), then held events at all 640 stores in conjunction with last year’s International Tabletop Day (see “Barnes & Noble Expands Game Events to All 640 Stores”), and last fall (see "B&N Tabletop Gaming Meet-Up Returns").  Barnes & Noble plans to hold an ongoing series of events at this new 200+ store roster.

The event will include special demos, giveaways of One Night Ultimate Werewolf Bonus Packs and Dark Kodama promo cards (while supplies last), and 20 % off featured games (plus an additional discount for B&N members) at participating stores. Featured games will include OceanosQuartz, Kodama, Potion Explosion, You Gotta Be Kitten Me, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, and New York, 1901.

B&N will encourage attendees to submit videos to the International Tabletop Day website on the event theme of “how board games changed your life.” 

Based on a brief comparison, start times and locations were not synced 100% between the Barnes & Noble store locator and the International Tabletop day store locator.