Brass, Martin Wallace’s strategy game of the early industrial revolution, will soon be back in two new versions from Canadian publisher Roxley Games:  Brass:  Lancashire and Brass:  Birmingham.

Brass:  Lancashire is Wallace’s original version of the game, upgraded with lavish new illustrations and featuring a few adjustments to the game rules to improve play balance.  In particular, the two- and three-player versions have been updated.

This version comes with a highly-detailed map of Lancashire by artist Damien Mammoliti (The Witcher Adventure Game), 182 tiles, 64 cards, 4 player mats, 9 wooden discs, 40 wooden cubes, 4 VP markers, and 70 money tiles.

Brass:  Birmingham is a sequel to the original, with additional design work by Matt Tolman and Gavan Brown (the pair behind Super Motherload), including a variable setup, new scoring methods, and three new industries to invest in.

This version includes a gameboard, 198 tiles, 72 cards, 4 player mats, 15 beer barrel tokens, 8 wooden discs, 40 wooden cubes, 4 VP markers, and 70 money tiles.

Both games are intended for 2 to 4 players, ages 14 and up, and take 2 to 3 hours to play.  MSRP has not yet been set for either game.

Roxley is funding both games with a combined Kickstarter campaign that has broken the half-million mark with 20 days remaining.

There was a public dispute over the rights to Brass last year (see “Eagle-Gryphon Edition of Martin Wallace Game Sold to One U.S. Retailer”).