Game and toy maker Hasbro is joining the subscription box business with Hasbro Gaming Crate, a new program that will launch this summer.

As reported in Fortune, the Hasbro Gaming Crate will be delivered to subscribers four times a year.  Each crate will include three new games, and subscribers can choose between the all-ages-friendly family version or the adult-oriented party version.  Hasbro Gaming Crate will cost $49.99 per crate.

The program will be managed by a separate team within the Hasbro Games division, which will work only on the Hasbro Gaming Crate service.  The crates will include new games not previously published.  If the games prove popular with subscribers, Hasbro will then consider wider distribution.

"We’ve seen the subscription trend and how strong it has become outside of our industry and we thought ‘Gamers are into their games and they want to try new games all the time,’" Hasbro Senior Vice President Jonathan Berkowitz told Fortune. "It is a perfect marriage for the gaming category."