The long-awaited relaunch of Games Workshop’s iconic science fiction miniature game Warhammer 40,000 will premier on June 17.

Something of a soft reboot, the new edition introduces a vastly new rule set as well as drastic changes to the game’s 30 year old setting, without completely destroying and restarting the widely-loved game world (see “New Edition of ‘Warhammer 40K’”).

The new rules will be presented as a massive 280-page hardcover book, as in previous editions, but Games Workshop will also offer the core rules as a free pdf download.  However, the free version will not include all of the game’s advanced rules, missions, and background stories.

The rulebook will also be the centerpiece of a new boxed set, called Warhammer 40,000 Dark Imperium.  This set will feature two all-new armies for the game, the Primaris Space Marines—a ramped-up version of the game’s iconic warriors (see “Games Workshop Reveals ‘Primaris Space Marines’”)—and the disease-blighted Plague Marines of the traitorous Death Guard.  Two booklets of datasheets (one for each army), player aids, rulers, and dice round out the boxed set.

Fans will be able to continue using their existing models, with the unit rules needed to use all current models presented in a series of five Indexes, sold separately.  There will be two books for the Imperium, one for Chaos, and two for the Xenos races.  Games Workshop has also announced that individual Codexes for each army will be released in the future.  The line of models from GW’s sister company Forge World will also be presented in their own series if Indexes, releasing later in June.

The new release will be supported with a line of accessories, including a deck of Tactical Objectives cards, Command Dice and Wound Trackers, and a new Combat Guage, along with new Sector Imperialis Objectives terrain pieces.

See the gallery for a sampling of the new models and the game accessories.