Adams Cover
Dynamite Entertainment has announced the August launch of a new series, The Shadow: Leviathan featuring the 1930s pulp hero, will debut in August and bring the masked avenger and his blazing twin 45’s into the 21st Century.  Si Spurrier (X-Men: Legacy, Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor) is writing the new series with Daniel HDR providing the art.

Dynamite has employed considerable writing talent on its various Shadow comic book series.  Matt Wagner got the ball rolling back in 2012 with the origin story, The Shadow: Year One (see “Matt Wagner: Writing The Shadow: Year One”), and Preacher scribe Garth Ennis tore it up with his stint on the book (see “Garth Ennis on The Shadow”), but both of those Shadow sagas were set in the 1930s, while The Shadow: Leviathan will take place in the 21st Century, and force the pulp icon to take on new challenges.

The Shadow: Leviathan #1 is set to debut in August with a number of different covers including designs by Neal Adams, Kenneth Rocafort, Tyler Kirkham, Brandon Peterson, Aaron Michael Kaluta, Tyler Kirkham, and Daniel HDR.  Covers by Rocafort, Peterson, Kirkham, and Kaluta can be seen in the Gallery below.