Panini America has announced the first products for its new Meta-X game line:  The Meta-X Justice League TCG, which will release on August 4.

Panini announced the new line at the GAMA Trade Show (see “New ‘Justice League’ TCG”), indicating that the new game would feature artwork from the New 52 era.  The Meta-X line is intended to support unlimited crossovers between genres and IPs.  This set offers popular DC universe heroes and villains including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Darkseid, Lex Luthor, and Sinestro.

Meta-X Justice League will be available in starter decks and booster packs:

There will be four different pre-built starter decks, each composed of 50 common cards.  Starters will be sold in 10 deck displays.  MSRP will be $14.99 per deck.

The rest of the card set will be available in 12-card booster packs, sold in 24-pack display boxes.  MSRP will be $3.99 per pack.

The complete set of cards will include 50 common, 40 uncommon, and 40 rare cards, plus 4 ultra-rare “cross-rare” cards packaged one per box, 2 additional ultra-rare chase cards, and 20 announced promo cards.  There will be foil parallel versions of all cards.

(Note that all art is not final.)