Harper Lee’s Pulitzer Prize-winning To Kill a Mockingbird will be adapted into a graphic novel.

The adaptation comes courtesy of the William Heinemann imprint at Penguin Random House UK and adaptor Fred Fordham, who illustrated Philip Pullman’s first graphic novel, The Adventures of John Blake: Mystery of the Ghost Ship, for Scholastic (see “Review: 'The Adventures of John Blake: Mystery of the Ghost Ship' HC”). The To Kill a Mockingbird graphic novel will be released November 1, 2018.

To Kill a Mockingbird was the only book Harper Lee published during her lifetime. The novel addresses racial inequality in the rural South through the eyes of young girl Scout as she witnesses her lawyer father’s defense of a black man accused of raping a white woman. It was an immediate bestseller upon release and won the 1961 Pulitzer Prize among other honors. The novel inspired a film of the same name starring Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch. Lee’s book is now a mainstay in classrooms and remains a perennial solid seller in bookstores.