The long-awaited launch of Modiphius Entertainment’s new Star Trek Adventures role playing game is about to begin.  The company has revealed the first batch of products, which will release in September.

Modiphius is hoping to recruit retailers to participate in its marketing of the new game.  The company will be offering digital promo packs and printable posters that retailers can use to promote pre-orders or advertise in-store events in their store.  The company plans to launch a new website to support the game where retailers can sign up to become an official “starbase” where fans and customers can go to get Star Trek Adventures merchandise.

The heart of Star Trek Adventures will be the Core Rulebook.  This 368-page rulebook will be full-color hardcover and includes everything needed to play the game.  The game system will be based on Modiphius’ own 2d20 game system, modified for the unique nature of the Star Trek universe.  The book has rules for character creation and resolving actions as well as background information about the United Federation of Planets and the other powers of the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Quadrants, guidelines for how to run Star Trek style adventures, and stats for aliens and antagonists including the Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, and Borg.  MSRP is $57.99.

An upgraded Collector’s Edition version of the Core Rulebook will also be available.  This limited-edition book includes all of the material from the regular version, but features an upgraded cover showing an illustration of the U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-D created by The Light Works, enhanced with spot UV varnish and a folded paper map of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.  The book also has three colored reading ribbons mounted into the book’s spine.  MSRP is $76.99.

Along with the books, a series of gaming accessories are part of the initial launch.  The accessories will include custom dice sets and plastic miniatures (see “‘Star Trek Adventures’ Adds Miniatures, Dice Sets”), as well as deluxe translucent acrylic Threat and Momentum Tokens.  Three different dice sets (red, blue, and yellow) are MSRP $22.99 each.  The four miniatures sets, featuring the Original Series bridge crew, the Next Generation bridge crew, the Klingons, and the Romulans, respectively, are MSRP $49.99 each.  The token set is $19.99.

For the gamemasters, there will be a three-panel Gamemaster Screen, with an illustration of a deep space battle on the outside and an assortment of useful quick reference charts and tables on the inside.  The fully open screen measures 30 cm by 90 cm, and comes with six double-sided reference cards.  MSRP is $37.99.

Players can get tactical with the addition of the Star Trek Adventures:  The Next Generation Starfleet Deck Tiles, designed to work with the miniatures.  This set includes 16 double-sided tiles, including 240mm square and 240mm by 120mm rectangular tiles.  Each tile shows various rooms and corridors that might be encountered on a starship from the Next Generation era, and are designed to work geomorphically to create a wide variety of layouts.  The Deck Tiles were created with input from Rick Sternbach, who contributed to The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager TV series as an illustrator and technical consultant, and authored the Star Trek:  The Next Generation Technical Manual, the Star Trek:  Deep Space Nine Technical Manual, and Hayns Klingon Bird-of-prey Owner’s Workshop Manual.  The tile set will have an MSRP of $37.99.

A book of ready-to-play adventures for the game, called These are the Voyages—Volume 1 will round out the initial launch.  It offers eight missions for Star Trek Adventures, based on the type of adventures and storylines Star Trek is famous for.  MSRP is $38.99.

Serious collectors can get almost everything in a single package with the Borg Cube Collector’s Edition Box Set.  This massive 30cm wide cube includes the Collector’s Edition of the Core Rulebook, the four miniatures sets, three dice sets, as well as the Threat and Momentum tokens.  In addition, the Borg Cube has a pad of 50 character sheets, a poster map of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, foam storage trays for 40 miniatures, an exclusive Lore miniature, an exclusive Borg Edition Gamesmaster Screen, and access to digital PDF versions of the Core Book and six upcoming sourcebooks as they are released.  Each of these limited production sets will be numbered and marked with an official Star Trek Adventures hologram.  MSRP for the complete set is $499.00.

A less deluxe version of the Borg Cube, called the Borg Drone Bundle, which includes everything except the miniatures, the tokens, the miniatures trays, and the exclusive items, will be available for order online direct from Modiphius.  MSRP for this set is $322.99.

Both the Borg Cube and Borg Drone Bundle will be produced to order and will not be available after the initial run.

See images of all products in the gallery below!