The Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design announced the winners of the 2017 Origins Awards, presented last weekend at the ceremony at Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio.  The nominees and winners were selected by the Academy.

Game of the Year 
Scythe - Stonemaier Games
[This award added to our report on June 20, on receipt of more complete information from GAMA]

Board Game of the Year
Scythe - Stonemaier Games

Card Game of the Year
Mystic Vale - Alderac Entertainment Group

Collectible Game of the Year
Pokemon XY11 Steam Siege - The Pokemon Company

Family Game of the Year
Happy Salmon - North Star Games

Game Accessory of the Year
Blood Rage Organizer - The Broken Token

Miniatures Game of the Year
Warhammer 40K: Kill Team - Games Workshop

Role-Playing Game of the Year
No Thank You, Evil! - Monte Cook Games

Mike Elliot at Origins Awards
AAGAD Hall of Fame
There were two designers admitted to the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design Hall of Fame this year:  Mike Elliott and Jennell Jaquays. Elliott has designed 20 trading card games, including the Japanese hits Duel Masters and Battle Spirits, as well as co-designing Dice Masters and Quarriors! with Eric M. Lang. Jennell Jaquays was inducted for her work on Dungeoneer magazine and contributions to many role playing games in the early days of the RPG industry.

The Hall of Fame honors people who have made critical contributions to gaming, including designers who have elevated game design to an art, those who elevate the art found in game design, those who made contributions to the business side of gaming, and those whose contributions have been in service to the industry as a whole. It also includes a number of games and game related materials. Inductees include Don Turnbull, Tod N. Shaw, E. Gary Gygax, Steve Jackson, Charles Roberts, Greg Stafford, Rick Loomis, Jim Ward, Sandy Petersen, Julie Guthrie, Jordan Wiseman, Tracy Hickman, Margaret Weis, and Lisa Stevens.

Here’s the full list of the many fine games that were nominated for awards this year (see “Origins Award Nominees”).

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