The Shining Legends invasion of the Pokemon Trading Card Game continues with the October 20 release of three new collector’s sets:  The Team Skull Pin Collection, the Mysterious Powers Tins, and the Shining Legends Super Premium Collection.

Featuring the Legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh, the Shining Legends Super Premium Collection offers an assortment of Pokemon items including a sculpted Ho-Oh figurine, a full-art Ho-Oh-GX promo card, foil promo cards of Shining Lugia, Shining Celebi, and Pikachu, along with 10 Shining Legends booster packs, a playmat, a behind-the-scenes Shining Legends artbook, 3 collector’s boxes with 12 dividers, and a code for the online game.  MSRP is $79.99.

The Team Skull Pin Collection features the villainous Team Skull with four new foil promo cards:  Wimpod, Golisopod-GX, Salandit, and Salazzle-GX.  Also included in the set is a Team Skull logo pin, five Pokemon TCG boosters, and a code for the online game.  MSRP is $34.99.

Three GX Pokemon are featured in the Mysterious Powers Tins.  Each tin has one of three possible foil cards featuring Ho-Oh-GX, Necrozma-GX, or Marshadow-GX, along with 4 Pokemon TCG booster packs and an online code.  MSRP is $19.99 per tin.

October will be Shining Legends month for Pokemon, with the three new items following a series of new boxed sets releasing on October 6 (see “‘Shining Legends’ Come to ‘Pokemon’”).