The “Weird West” card game Doomtown:  Reloaded is being expanded with the new There Comes a Reckoning expansion set from Pinnacle Entertainment Group, scheduled to release next March.  The company is offering a special package deal for retailers who back the Kickstarter campaign to fund the expansion.

The Doomtown:  Reloaded - There Comes a Reckoning expansion set features 96 new Doomtown cards:  four copies each of 24 unique cards.  The cards in the expansion offer new opportunities for all six factions currently in the game as well as cards for the Blessed and Gadgets themes.  The expansion also introduces a new type of card called “Legends,” which are some of the most influential and powerful characters in the game.  Four Legends, known as the Servitors, appear in the expansion, representing servants of the dreaded Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

The new expansion will be sold in the Doomtown Trunk, which includes all of the cards from There Comes a Reckoning in a card storage box large enough to hold the entire expansion along with all other cards that are currently a part of the Doomtown:  Reloaded game.  Card dividers to help sorting are also included in the Trunk, along with an updated and streamlined rulebook, a Weird West playmat, and a sourcebook that includes rules for using the characters from Doomtown:  Reloaded in the Deadlands role playing game, also published by Pinnacle.  The Doomtown Trunk will have an MSRP $59.99.

Pinnacle is funding the production of There Comes a Reckoning through a Kickstarter campaign that has attracted $100,401 from 950 backers (an average of $105.69 per backer) with 14 days to go.  The campaign features an exclusive offer for retailers, which includes four copies of the Doomtown Trunk and four sets of full-art cards versions of the Servitors, at a special discount.  Participating retailers will also be able to order current Doomtown products, including OP and Event Kits previously made available by Alderac Entertainment Group.

Alderac launched Doomtown:  Reloaded, which is based on Pinnacle’s Deadlands RPG, in 2014 (see "'Doomtown:  Reloaded'").