Tasty Minstrel Games is preparing to launch production of Downfall, a post-apocalyptic “4X” style game from the designer of Mystic Vale, John D. Clair.  The game is now scheduled to release next July, and Tasty Minstrel is offering brick and mortar retailers an opportunity to order the Kickstarter-exclusive “Deluxified” version of the game.

Originally announced as a Gen Con 2016 release (see “‘Guilds of London’ and ‘Downfall’”), Downfall takes the themes and playing style of the “4X” game (being “eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate”) out of the familiar outer space setting, instead pitting players in a battle for survival in an Earth ravaged by nuclear war.  Players must explore the ravaged world, build their infrastructure, use their population to gather critical resources, and ultimately eliminate their rivals, all while dealing with the effects of limited food supplies and nuclear winter.

The game system is built around a card-based action selection mechanic in which players choose cards from their hand to take various actions each turn.  Cards can allow the player to exploit resources, grow their population, or attack other survivors.  Players can also develop technologies to improve their actions, and construct airships to expand their tactical options.

Tasty Minstrel will produce two versions of the game.  The standard “retail” edition will include 517 tokens, 57 terrain tiles, 168 cards, 6 player boards, 1 track board, and 19 wooden pieces.  This version of the game will release into normal trade distribution with an MSRP of $60.00.

The “Deluxified” edition will feature upgraded components, including 57 metal tokens, 30 plastic airships, 6 plastic leader miniatures, upgraded player boards, and a limited-edition foil stamped game box, with an MSRP of $80.00.  This edition will only be available through the Kickstarter campaign Tasty Minstrel launched today, and additional component upgrades may be added as stretch goals are reached.  Retailers who participate in the campaign will be able to order 4 or 8 copies of the “Deluxified” version of the game.  This offer is limited to brick and mortar retail stores.  Tasty Minstrel offered a similar deal for Crusaders:  Thy Will Be Done, also releasing next summer (see “Tasty Minstrel’s ‘Crusaders’ Kickstarter Adds Retailer Level”).