Dynamite Entertainment is returning to Bill Willingham’s steampunk universe. Legenderry: Red Sonja is a new five-issue miniseries from writer Marc Andreyko (Love Is Love, Batwoman) and artist Igor Lima (Mighty Mouse). The first issue will be in stores on February 7.

Joe Benitez provides the main cover. Retailer incentives include variations of Benitez’s cover: a 10-copy black-and-white version, a 20-copy virgin version, and a 25-copy red line version. Dynamite is also offering for order the Legenderry: Red Sonja Blank Authentix Edition, a blank sketch cover that has an MSRP of $10.

Willingham’s original seven-issue run of Legenderry brought together steampunk versions of Vampirella, Green Hornet, Kato, the Six Million Dollar Man, Zorro, Captain Victory, Red Sonja, Flash Gordon, the Phantom, and others (see "Willingham to Write Steampunk Crossover for Dynamite"). Dynamite launched the popular miniseries on the eve of 2014 (see "'Twilight Zone' and 'Legenderry' Launch December 31"). This is the second spinoff mini focused on Red Sonja (see “'Legenderry' Spin-Offs And 'Twilight Zone'”). Andreyko wrote the previous one as well.