With the success of the Wonder Woman movie and recent collections of the comics (see “June 2017 BookScan”), DC is bringing some deserving older material back into print, in this case stories that play on the real-world and comic-world female empowerment of the character.  DC Comics will release Wonder Woman: Forgotten Legends, a collection of 1980s stories written by Trina Robbins, Kurt Busiek, and Lee Marrs, with Golden Age-style art by Robbins, Irv Novick and Rick Magyar.  Robbins was the first female artist to draw the character. 

Robbins and Marrs were not the first women to write Wonder Woman, but were the second and third, and were the first in around 40 years.  The first Wonder Woman stories written by a woman (according to this excellent history on CBR) were by Joye Murchison, ghosting for Charles Moulton in the mid-40s.   

The 128-page trade paperback collects The Legend of Wonder Woman #1 – 4 (1986), Wonder Woman #318 (1984) and a story from Wonder Woman Annual #2 (1989).  The book releases on March 21. MSRP is $16.99.