Brian Michael Bendis is back in the hospital for the second time in two weeks. The prolific writer has been battling a severe methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection since early December. MRSA, a so-called superbug, is resistant to most antibiotics, making it difficult to treat.

Bendis first tweeted about his current ordeal on December 9, telling fans that he had woken up in intensive care a week earlier due to the infection, which cased facial swelling that had blinded him for four days. The infection was so bad that Bendis almost died on December 4, and he will need months to recover.

After showing improvement, Bendis was sent home on December 9, but he was readmitted to the hospital on Wednesday of this week after the infection flared back up. In an update yesterday, Bendis shared that he remains hospitalized but is improving. One of his eyes is still swollen shut.

Bendis has been vocally grateful to family, friends, and fans for their support. He also took a moment today to thank Joe Quesada and the staff of Marvel for their support.

Bendis recently left the Marvel fold to sign an exclusive with DC (see “Marvel's Top Writer Signs With Dc”).

Hopefully, Bendis’s road to recovery will be smooth from here on out.