Wizards of the Coast will be offering a series of four pre-built Magic:  The Gathering decks.  The Challenger Decks will release on April 6.

Designed to offer new and veteran players a quick and easy way to get started with Standard format play, the new Challenger Decks were created with Friday Night Magic events in mind.  Each deck includes a prebuilt 60-card main deck and a supporting 15 card sideboard.  All the cards are reprints of previously printed cards and all are Standard-legal.

In addition to the 75 cards, each Challenger Deck includes a spindown life counter and a quick reference guide, and is packaged in a box designed to hold 75 sleeved cards. 

Next month, Wizards will release the Rivals of Ixalan set (see “Preview:  ‘Magic:  The Gathering – Rivals of Ixalan’”).  The company also recently responded to controversial online behavior by releasing a statement of values to guide participants in the Magic:  The Gathering player community (see “WOTC Unveils Values Statement for ‘Magic’ Community”).