Fantasy Flight Games has announced the first In-store play events for its Legend of the Five Rings LCG, which begin with the Stronghold kits.

Each calendar quarter, participating local game stores can purchase a Stronghold Kit, which includes all the materials needed to hold in-store events for the “Battle for the Stronghold,” which allows players to seize control of their local game store for their favorite clan. Stronghold Kits may be used to host Weekly Play or Monthly Play structured events, depending on what the retailer chooses.

The Stronghold Kit contains materials to support up to 32 players for as many as 12 weeks of Dynasty League play or 3 Conflict Tournaments. The kit includes a number of promotional Patronage Cards for players who purchase L5R products at their store, participation prizes, top competitor prizes, prizes for the top players from each Great Clan, and a single copy of most cards in the kit intended for the event organizer to award or keep at their own discretion.  Reinforcement Packs are available to retailers whose events include more than 32 players. Each pack includes enough cards to support 8 more players through the season.

In total, the Stronghold Kit contains 247 extended art cards, 13 acrylic fate tokens, 7 clan specific first player tokens, 7 plastic Dragon Clan-themed Imperial Favor cards, 4 custom playmats, and 1 acrylic fate dial.

At the end of the Stronghold Control events, one of the Great Clans will have established dominance, that clan will control the store as their stronghold until the 2019 Battle for the Stronghold contest.

Retailers can download posters to decorate their stores with the colors and iconography of the dominant clan (images available on the FFG website.)