Looney Labs will release two new cards games, Anatomy Fluxx and Get the MacGuffin, on April 5.

Anatomy Fluxx continues the company’s long-running series of themed card games using the award-winning Fluxx system (most recently a Doctor Who version—see “‘Doctor Who Fluxx’”).  This will be the third version of the game to feature an educational aspect, following Math Fluxx and Chemistry Fluxx.  In Anatomy Fluxx, players can be rewarded for their knowledge of anatomy trivia through the “Name That Organ” and “Knowledge Bonus” cards.

The game will be packaged in a two-part card game box with an MSRP of $16.00.  A six-game display will also be available.

In Get the MacGuffin, players try to hold onto the “MacGuffin,” which, like the narrative device of the same name often used in film, serves as the motivation for the action in the game.  While competing for control of the MacGuffin, players also try to avoid elimination by using their limited hand of cards, which can have widely different levels of power and utility.

Get the MacGuffin is packaged in a box with a built-in hang-tab suitable for peg displays.  MSRP is $10.00.

Looney Labs recently released an updated version of its abstract board game Zendo (see “‘Zendo’ Returns”).