Writer Kurt Busiek has announced that Astro City is moving from a monthly series to original graphic novels. Astro City #52 will be the final monthly issue, part of a three-issue arc that kicks off January 31 with the release of issue #50.

Busiek made the announcement on Twitter, but he revealed few other details on the format change in subsequent tweets, telling fans that there’s “More ASTRO CITY coming. Just in OGN form.” He also noted that while the upcoming OGN is a self-contained story, he hasn’t ruled out multiple story OGNs.

Astro City originated at Image in 1995 and won the Eisner Award for Best New Series in 1996 before moving to Wildstorm, where it continued until 2010. It resumed on DC’s Vertigo imprint in 2013 (see “'Astro City' at Vertigo”). The series is drawn by Brent Anderson and covered by Alex Ross. The series has remained popular in its 23-year run and is frequently nominated for the Best Continuing Series Eisner (see “The 2017 Eisner Award Nominees, and “The 2015 Eisner Award Nominees”).