Mythos hunters are invited to explore the jungles of Mexico in Fantasy Flight Games’ upcoming Arkham Horror:  The Card Game expansion The Forgotten Age, now on pre-order.

Based around a scientific expedition to a lost Aztec city, The Forgotten Age offers investigators two new scenarios as the first part of a new campaign.  Pursuing the discoveries of the historian Alejandro Vela, the team must explore the wilderness and the ruins, and their discoveries can alter time itself.  The expansion also adds a new exploration mechanic to the game to represent the unpredictable nature of a jungle expedition.

The Forgotten Age comes with 5 new investigators, including the explorer Ursula Downs, 87 scenario cards, and 2 each of 32 different player cards.  MSRP is $29.95.  As an expansion, it is not a stand-alone product and requires the Arkham Horror:  The Card Game Core Set to play.

Fantasy Flight plans to release its first “upgrade expansion” for the game in a few months (see “‘Arkham Horror:  The Card Game’ Returns to Its Beginning”).