Dabel Brothers Publishing will launch a new comic series, Hounded, based on the first of the nine-volume Kevin Hearne Iron Druid Chronicles urban fantasy series, the company announced today.  Hearne’s series of novels, published by Del Rey, will conclude this spring with the release of the final volume, Scourged, on April 3.  The story in Hounded is of a centuries-old Druid living in modern Arizona, trying to safeguard a magical sword from a Celtic god.

Dabel Brothers plans to distribute the comic to comic stores itself; the eventual graphic novel collection will be distributed by Ingram Publisher Services.  Dabel Brothers is offering free additional copies and free shipping to the first 500 retailers that place an order for the first issue.  Hearne and the company will be doing publicity, beginning with an appearance at Emerald City Comic Con.

Click the Gallery below for full size images of the art from Hounded.