Bande dessinee publisher Humanoids will launch Life Drawn, a new graphic novel imprint featuring stories set in the real world, with new releases beginning next month. 

Kabul Disco:  How I Managed Not to Be Abducted in Afghanistan, by Nicolas Wild, will release April 4. The story is Wild’s satire-laced travel memoir of his travels in Afghanistan while drawing an adaptation of the Afghan constitution.  MSRP for the 160-page volume is $19.95.  The second book in the series will be released in September.

Vietnamese Memories:  Leaving Saigon, by Clement Baloup, will release May 29.  This is the first of a three-volume series that tells the stories of five families forced to leave their native lands.  The 164-page volume will sell for $19.95.

Luisa:  Now and Then, by Carole Maurel, adapted by Mariko Tamaki, will release June 20. The story of self-acceptance and sexuality is told through an encounter between a disillusioned photographer and her lost teenage self who has traveled into the future.  The publication date is timed for Pride Month.  The 272-page volume will retail for $29.95.

Madame Cat, by Nancy Pena, is a series of vignettes about a pet who thinks she’s an owner.  The 128-page volume will release July 4 at $12.95.

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