Force of Will Inc. is soliciting for preorders on two Starter Duel Decks for its new Architect Trading Card Game which will launch on July 20.

Set in the year 2111, various factions gather to battle over disparate ideals: the present vs the past, magic vs science; who controls the future?  History’s greatest minds, the New- Roma (Leonardo da Vinci, Einstein) battle against the current intelligentsia (Unity Forces) over rewriting the past, and Sorcerers (Merlin) fight the zombie army of the NewTech Co. with magic.

Each Starter Duel Deck, Wizards vs NewTech Co. and Neo-Rome vs Unity, includes two 50 card decks. Each carton (no displays) includes 40 decks.  Preorders will include a bonus of 1 Limited Force of Will  special PR Card in each Duel Deck.  MSRP was not announced at this time.

The game was announced last year (see "Great Minds Clash in New TCG 'Architect'").