The clan options for Plaid Hat Games’ Crystal Clans will grow with four new clan expansion decks:  Shadow Clan, Fang Clan, Leaf Clan, and Feather Clan. Release is planned for July.

Released last year, Crystal Clans is a card game in which players send their clan warriors to gather magical crystals (see “‘Crystal Clans’ March to Battle”).  The four new expansions, sold separately, expand the clan options to 10.

The Shadow Clan Expansion Deck is built around stealth, introducing the Shadow Step ability to help the clan make surprise attacks.

The Fang Clan Expansion Deck is built around raw power, using the Alpha ability to get stronger cards into play.

The Leaf Clan Expansion Deck adds the new Regrow mechanic, which allows the player to “sow” cards that can later be replaced by new cards where older cards were destroyed.

The Feather Clan Expansion Deck features Flying units with a new Soar ability, allowing them to fly further than other units for unmatched mobility.

Each of the new expansion sets includes 28 new cards for the game.  MSRP is $9.95 each.

Click the gallery below for images of the expansion boxes.