Renegade Games will release the fantasy role playing game Overlight, designed by Paul Alexander Butler and George Holland, in August.

Set in the fantasy realm where the world has been fractured into seven continents which hang, stacked, in the sky. Each continent is called a Shard, and each has evolved its own culture, and in some cases, dominant species that differ greatly from one another. Travel between Shards is difficult, but not impossible. Overhead the Overlight shines on all seven Shards, though there is no sun or moon.  Each culture responds strongly to a specific color and virtue of the Overlight.

The Shards
Players are Skyborn, members of disparate cultures who want to make the world a better place, and who also know how to manipulate aspects of the Overlight into abilities called Chroma.

The 300-page hardcover full-color rulebook contains everything a player needs to create a character, give them skills and Chroma powers, and begin on epic adventures. MSPR is $50.00. Various multi-sided dice are used to determine outcomes of events in the game.

Renegade is funding the game via Kickstarter, the company’s first, as it ventures into the role playing game market. The Kickstarter hit its $10,000 goal in the first day, and will continue until May 15. Retailers can back Overlight by contacting Renegade directly to become official backers, and then encourage their customers to back the campaign at the $1 level while preordering the book from store. Retailer backers will receive a wholesale discount and will be shipped their copies at the same time as regular backers, several weeks before regular trade release. The currently goal is to have backer copies on the way before a Gen Con premiere for the game, with trade release to follow.

Renegade is offering brick and mortar hobby stores that participate in Free RPG Day the first glimpse at Overlight. A preview will be included in the kits for the event.