The Action Comics #1000 titles that topped the comics and graphic novel charts in April (see "’Action Comics’ Is the Rainmaker in April") pulled in some big numbers, as calculated by ICv2 based on sales indexes released by Diamond Comic Distributors and publisher information on individual title sales.  Diamond sold 449,787 copies of Action Comics #1000 in North America, or roughly 90% of the over 500,000 copies that were ordered worldwide (see "’Action Comics’ #1000 Preorders Hit 500,000").  This is a fairly normal ratio, with Diamond UK typically selling around 10% of the total copies sold to comic stores.

Marvel’s The Amazing Spider-Man issues also pulled big numbers, with both #789 and #799 selling around 200,000 copies.  The first issue of Hunt for Wolverine sold over 138,000 copies, big numbers for a Marvel #1 in recent months (especially at $5.99).

On the graphic novel chart, the Action Comics 80 Years of Superman HC collection sold 18,641 copies to comic stores in April, another robust number.  That’s the biggest sales on a graphic novel since the most recent issue of Saga was released last December.

It’s nice to see bigger numbers at the tops of the charts after the long sales drought we’ve seen recently in comic store sales.

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